Lola Adeyemo, CDP, MS,PMP, CSCP
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Elevating Underrepresented Voices for an Inclusive Workplace

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"I am scientifically trained but people passionate"

Inclusion is intersectional and looks different for every organization. Bridging the divide within diverse individuals in corporate spaces has to be intentional and the organization must build systems that support inclusion at every stage of the business.

Lola Adeyemo is a passionate and resourceful leader who believes in and actively promotes inclusive leadership with the power of harnessing individual motivation to increase employee engagement in the workplace. A TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, Author, consultant, and workshop facilitator; she leverages her voice and written words to advocate for an inclusive lens across every level within corporations as well as the empowerment of individual contributors, managers, and leaders to own their careers and pursue their purpose and passions in the corporate workplace.

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Lola has a Master of Science in Biotechnology, a Bachelor of Technology in Biochemistry, and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Strategic leadership. She has an extensive background in project management, supply chain, data analysis, people management, and HR compliance and has spent 15+ years in roles across multiple global organizations within the manufacturing and biotechnology industries.

In addition to her role as Founder & CEO of EQImindset, a management consulting company focused on DEI,  Employee Resource Group launch and optimization, Lola is also the Co-Founder of Sapient Logic LLC a Technology company in San Diego, CA and the non-profit Immigrants in Corporate Inc. She hosts an Inclusive workplace PODCAST and also facilitates a membership platform where she provides career development resources for early to mid career career Immigrant professionals and employee resource group (ERG) leaders.

Lola is a strategic networker, volunteer, and mentor currently serving on the board of directors of Girls Inc. of San Diego and in an advisory capacity to a few other organizations aligned with her passions. As a career mom of 3, Lola constantly works on thriving at home and work and advocates for policies that enable all individuals to balance every aspect of their lives. Her new book "Thriving in Intersectionality:Immigrants, Belonging, and Corporate America" is now available on amazon

About Lola



From DEI Buzzwords to Action: How to Leverage Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) to Drive Impactful Business Results

Target Audience: CEOs, Executives/Business Leaders, HR Leaders, DEI Leaders

Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. These three words have become buzzwords. But without action to back them up, organizations risk losing employees and market share. In this keynote you learn how to access and leverage the unique potential of ERG’s so instead of chasing potential employees, you’re attracting them and keeping the talent you have. 


In this dynamic and engaging talk, audiences:

  • Learn the difference between DEI and belonging

  • Understand what ERG’s are actually capable of when supported and invested in

  • Get strategies and actionable steps to optimize your ERG

  • Discover the role mentorship and leadership plays in implementing those strategies

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Thriving in Intersectionality: Perspectives from a Black Immigrant Nigerian Woman

Target Audience: mid-level professionals and employees wanting to grow career, they identify with different 2-3 intersections


The challenges professionals face in the workplace are amplified when you have multiple identity intersections. How do you cultivate a sense of belonging for yourself let alone advance your career when faced with so many barriers? The key is learning how your unique intersections shape your perspective and how to leverage this to thrive in the workplace.


Lola Adeyemo takes you on a journey to belonging through her stories and experiences as an immigrant in Corporate America. In this refreshingly honest and revealing talk, audiences:

  • Identify the barriers to career growth and how to overcome them

  • Learn how to showcase your skills to advance in the corporate world 

  • Discover how to use your cultural differences to your advantage

Other Previously Delivered Talks & Workshops


  • Intersectionality at Work; My Belonging and our Impact

  • My Belonging at Work, Bridging the Organizational Gap

  • Developing Engaged Talent, the ERG Case

  • Representation Matters, Our Role in Making it Count

  • ERG Leaders: Showing Up for YOURSELF

  • How ERGs can effectively engage Allies

  • How to Leverage External Partnerships to Power your ERGs

  • Building Sustainable ERG Programs

  • How to Build Thriving ERGs through an Intersectionality Lens



  • ERG Optimization Workshop

  • ERG Accelerator Workshops

  • Intersectionality Workshop



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I really enjoyed getting to know Lola in preparation for and during PowerToFly’s Diversity Reboot Summit.  Lola’s goal as a moderator was to both let our brand shine and be an asset to the audience, which she pulled off with flying colors.  I look forward to working with her again.

Heather Miller

Founder + CEO, GrasshoppHer

Lola is an engaging speaker.  Her passion and personal storytelling feel conversational as if you were just discussing with a friend and getting advice verse feeling like you are attending a formal lecture.

Jennifer Mendez

(CC, CL, SR2) North County Toastmasters

I consider Lola to be the ERG guru and an expert in all things DEI! She is an amazing communicator and is able to connect easily with her audience through stories, practical examples, and her own authentic speaking style. I always value her perspective, she's the type of person you definitely want on your team when solving problems in the DEI space

Carrie Sawyer

CEO at Diversity By Design, Founder of the Inclusion 1st Project

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Lola Adeyemo is a passionate and inspiring speaker and expert on how to build diverse, inclusive, and effective workplaces. She leverages her years of navigating corporate environments and building employee research groups from the ground up to help business leaders and organizations achieve their missions. Her relatable personality and willingness to share personal stories will engage any audience. We were honored to have her speak at the 2019 Gritty Leadership Conference, and look forward to inviting her back again

Sarah Horton

Chief Operating Officer at Vidaloop & Founder of the Gritty Leadership Conference

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